Abstracts Deadline extended to 30 December, 2017.



Please send your abstracts to: abstracts2018@denguemeeting.com

While submitting your Abstracts, please choose one of the following five categories:





5-Vector Biology-Ecology-Control

Thank you for following the suggested Abstracts guidelines detailed below:

ABSTRACT TITLE (Arial, black, 14 points, centred, maximum 10 words)

Authors Last name Name1 (Arial, black, 12 points, justified: Last name (if you want to put your two last names, please hyphenated), Name, use a number in Superscript for the affiliations.

Affiliation (Arial, 12 points, justified: Name of Institute, City, State, Country; please no more than 5 affiliations)

Abstract of your work (Arial, 12 points, justified: with introduction, objective of the study, brief materials and methods, results and discussion/conclusion. No more than 350 words).

Funding of research (Arial, 11 points, justified, cite only the project number and funding organisation).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to this meeting.  If you would like further information on the content or logistics of the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@denguemeeting.com

Want to check this gidelines offline? Download pdf version here.


Special Issue on the Viruses (Impact Factor 3.465)

We are please to announce the Special Issue devoted to the 6th Pan-American Dengue Research Network Meeting in the Viruses from MDPI, impact factor 3.465.

If you want to contribute, please contact Viruses editorial office (viruses@mdpi.com) with the subject: Papers from the 6th Pan-American Dengue Research Network Meeting.

Every submission from this meeting will have 10% discount if the author would like to publish their papers in Viruses.

For submission of your manuscript, please click here.

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